Spouse Spy Private Investigations

  • Phone: 1300 330 342
  • Mail: enquiries@spousespy.com.au
  • Website: SpouseSpy.com.au
  • Address: 1 Alfred St, Sydney 2000

“I haven’t dealt with a private investigator before, what do I do?”

All you need to do is call us and speak with an investigator who will explain private investigatoreverything to you in regards to approximate costs and what you can expect from an investigation. Everything will be explained simply to you so that you will feel confident about us conducting an investigation on your behalf. We understand that most people that contact us have not hired a private investigator before and have no idea what they can do and how they operate.

“What can I expect from an investigation?”

SPOUSE SPY will plan your investigation with you to suit your particular objective. We will update you during the investigation as events occur so you have the latest information. After the investigation has been completed, we provide our clients with a detailed report of the targets activities, including addresses they have visited, description and video of any persons they have interacted with. You will also receive a DVD of the footage which you can watch easily in your DVD player at home.

“Can I pay discreetly?”

We have discreet transaction facilities available for those people who are paying by credit card or direct bank transfers. The transaction name on your account will not dprivate investigatorisplay anything that represents an investigation company so you can feel safe that if your spouse looks through a statement there will be nothing listed there that they will be suspicious about.