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Infidelity Investigations


Do you suspect a cheating spouse or partner?

Spouse Spy Private Investigators are the leaders when it comes to infidelity investigations. Our agents have years of experience dealing with the signs and behavioral patterns of cheaters.

 We know how a cheater works, and how to catch them out!

infidelity investigations

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A cheating spouse is not just limited to physical intimacy; it can also be in the form of emotional intimacy. Aside from the emotional trauma it may cause, the financial ramifications of infidelity can be just as damaging. In some cases the stress of simply not knowing can have lasting negative effects on a person’s health and mental state.

Our private investigators understand this and handle each infidelity investigation with sensitivity and confidentiality.

If you have doubts or suspicions about a cheating partner or a cheating spouse, then consider using a private investigator as it is often the most successful way to either confirm your suspicions or to put your doubts to rest.

The role of the private investigator is to gather evidence and present them to the client in a neutral and factual way. This allows the client to make a clear decision, and removes the risk of making any false accusations that could in itself be damaging to the relationship.

infidelity investigations

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By using a private investigator to investigate infidelity, you exclude yourself from any involvement in the investigation, eliminating the chances of you being exposed. In the case where there has been no cheating, you have saved yourself a potentially distressing conversation with your spouse and now have peace of mind.

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Infidelity Jurisdictions

Extramarital affairs may incur significant financial costs to all parties involved. Affairs that have gone on for 2 or more years may be considered a de-facto relationship in Australia. This poses issues for the married cheater and their spouse as it could possibly expose the married cheater to financial claims in the family law court on their superannuation, income and property. A de-facto relationship may even exist when the partners do not think so. The court will make that decision on when it began and ended based on the evidence provided.

infidelity investigations to catch a cheating spouse
Infidelity Jurisdictions

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