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Bug Sweeps Sydney and Electronic Bug Detection Sydney

We Detect, Hidden Cameras, Listening Devices, GPS Trackers, Landline Wiretaps

Our Bug Sweeps and Electronic Bug Detection team is based in Sydney Australia and can often be deployed within short notice to investigate and sweep any premise or vehicle for electronic surveillance devices including:
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  • Hidden Cameras
  • Hidden Listening Devices
  • Landline Wiretaps and Bugs
  • GPS Tracking Devices




There has been a rise in the demand for electronic bug detection services as the interception and collection of private and business information by eavesdroppers is becoming common practice and has seen a growing trend over the years. Protecting intellectual property and business intelligence is of high importance and can be costly to the businesses and private individuals who have been breached.

Whilst this practice is illegal, it often does not deter individuals as bugging devices have become inexpensive and easily accessible online. Bugs come in various forms including listening devices, covert cameras, GPS tracking devices and more. Our private investigators have conducted bug sweeps of commercial and private premises and on occasions have identified illegal bugging devices. The other sweeps resulted in peace of the mind for the client who could then carry on with their private discussions or movements without the concern of being monitored.

Our private detectives are able to conduct a bug sweep of your premises if you suspect that your privacy has been compromised. We utilise equipment manufactured by the best in the technical surveillance counter measures industry. Our investigators can detect both covert audio and video bugs, GPS tracking devices and landline wiretaps.

Our bug sweep technicians are available 7 days a week and can often be dispatched on the same day if required. Our private investigators will arrive in a discreet fashion and can also conduct any counter surveillance of the surrounding area prior to commencing if needed.


  • $600
  • The cost to conduct and electronic bug sweep of your home or office for hidden video/audio devices will be dependant on the level of sweep required, and size of the area. Vehicle GPS Tracking Sweeps are     $600 – $800, with small home/offices from     $1200 – $1600.
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Signs You May Have Been Targeted
  • Private information has been leaked and is known by others.
  • Volume fluctuations while using your phone.
  • Clicking noises while using your phone.
  • Suspicious vehicles parked outside your home or business for extended periods of time.
  • A tradesman or other service provider may have visited you recently without you booking in the job.
  • Wall sockets that may have been tampered with.
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Signs You May Have Been Targeted

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