Spouse Spy Private Investigations

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Spouse Spy Investigation Services

Spouse Spy is the trusted name when it comes to investigating Australia wide

Spouse Spy Private Investigators provide high quality and trusted investigation services to individuals and businesses in Australia. Our business focuses on and specialises in specific areas of the investigation field.

Our services cover a range of areas such as Infidelity Investigations where our agents can help find the truth about whether or not your partner is being unfaithful. We provide factual evidence to prove infidelity or help put your mind at ease.

We also provide Background Check Services for those that need to verify a person or businesses identity. Too often people are being conned by fraudsters and have been financially or emotionally taken advantage of.

Spouse Spy also provide skip trace services to Locate People in Australia. If you have an X partner or business partner who owes money, then speak to us about locating them so that you can take action to be compensated.

If you are concerned about your private conversations being breached and have a feeling you have been bugged, then we can help. We have technicians specialise in Electronic Bug Detection and can sweep and detect hidden listening or video devices in your premises. We can either detect devices for use as evidence for police, or we can provide peace of mind to our customers who can then continue on without the concern of eavesdropping.