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Private Investigator Cost

Taking the mystery away from the cost of investigation!

For most of our clients, often it is their first time contacting us for help, so we understand that most people have no idea as to what an investigation might cost. There really is no set fee for each of our services as everyone’s requirements generally differ and are customised to suit their objective and budget.

An investigation can range anywhere from $250 to $100,000 and will mostly be dependant on how long the investigation will take. We have outlined below the approximate costs and starting costs for some of our services, so that you are somewhat aware of these before contacting us for a free consultation and a more accurate quote.  Spouse Spy are not the cheapest investigation company and we are not the most expensive either. Do not choose an investigation company based on cost alone. Generally the ones advertising that they are the cheapest do so for a reason. They often do not have the resources or the skills to handle your case competently. Make your decision based on your consultation with the investigator from that company, and then consider the costs. We understand that running an investigation is not in everyones budget, but what we do guarantee is that you will be accurately consulted and quoted prior to commencing any work. There are no surprises!

Thanks guys, you have helped me get the evidence I needed to move on with my life after my wife continually denied cheating on me. You guys are professional and have been very understanding during those difficult times. I can recommend you to anyone who is thinking of hiring a private investigator.


  • $600
  • After providing our clients with a free consult, we will be able to give an accurate estimate on costs before commencing. The total cost of surveillance can vary significantly as some cases require more time. Pricing above is based on 4hr daily minimum plus travel.

Background Check

  • $750
  • A background check can also be customised to focus on certain things and can change the cost to be less or more than what is stated here. More comprehensive online background checks are generally $1500 – $2000

Skip Trace

  • $750
  • Varies based on what information is provided, the accuracy, age, and whether the person of interest has made an effort to remain undetected. On average costs are between $1000 and $1500.

Bug Sweeps

  • $600
  • The cost to conduct and electronic bug sweep of your home or office for hidden video/audio devices will be dependant on the level of sweep required, and size of the area. Vehicle GPS Tracking Sweeps are     $600 – $800, with small home/offices from     $1200 – $1600.
Private investigator

Why hire an investigator?

Investigation is often the last resort in many cases when all other options have been exhausted. However if clients come to us earlier we can save them from the time and emotional stress caused by an cheating spouse. In cases where clients contact us as soon as there are solid suspicion, we deal with the matter quickly and discreetly to give them peace of mind quicker.

Spouse Spy investigators guarantee state of the art surveillance technology & personalised service.