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Infidelity in Pop culture – Glamorising the sordid

Infidelity was once a topic that brought shame to the individual and whispered amongst other disapprovingly. Fast forward to our current day and age and headlines like ‘Top 10 famous cheaters’ sit amongst all the trivial gossip articles on lifestyle […]

Technology making infidelity easy

The internet seems to have created limitless possibilities for meeting that someone special. Sites like E-harmony.com and RSVP.com speak of finding your perfect fit based on your shared interest and goals; technology making infidelity easy. Inevitably with the people who […]

Top warning signs of a cheating spouse

It’s sad to fact that often after “I do” happier ever after doesn’t always follow. With divorce rates in Australia at 1.4% in every 1000 it doesn’t seem significant, but when looking at divorce trends we can see that the […]